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What is meant by a “spirit of entrepreneurship”?

I am often asked what my definition of „entrepreneurship“ is. From my perspective, this is a very good question … especially if you are looking for a partner to coach/guide you to reach the next level as an effective leader in a challenging business area or to improve or transform your entire organization to become more agile or resilient.

Therefore … I want to share with you my list of important skills and – most importantly – my experience on the attitude / mindset of a successful, people and growth-oriented entrepreneur.


- think and act bi-modal: defining and modelling the processes gaining maximum efficiency and effectivity in the current core business and at the same time ideating new solutions and services for future business.

- take the initiative, act proactively and empathically … instead of waiting until a picture is completed or people act confused.

- feel responsible for bringing in own ideas and solutions (from whom ever) and driving improvements to bring the system to the next level … instead of just focusing on what is needed to achieve the results you once promised.

- have the finger on the puls … instead of feeling comfortable with own experiences from the past.

- decide and take responsibility … instead of being limited by uncertainty or currently existing silos or the current job description, if you see advantages for the common goals or for the enthusiasm of the customers.

- communicate with others across all functions/levels and globally when needed, ask questions and negotiate … instead of setting his/her own opinions over facts and figures or perceiving/evaluating boundaries as restrictions.

- be able to face / deal with conflicts and challenges, when problems and hurdles occur.

- being totally committed to the goal and convinced that the efforts and providing/giving extra time are worth it.

- be enthusiastic and have fun when others join in and treat them not as employees but as equals.

- feel free to do something which could perceived as “crazy”, “courageous” or as an approach “bypassing the standards and common sense”.

And my overall rule is: „Attitude before methods …“ I love it to do so!“

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