Philipps zweites Buch ist erschienen: Reset! Super !

Everybody has a plan — until they don’t. Approaching the dawn of a new decade, global sentiment in the 2020s was brimming with optimism. We would embrace the future of work, transform digitally, learn to live and breathe agility, and defeat climate change at scale.What new year’s resolutions lack is specificity. 2020 turned out far beyond anyone’s expectations. For once, the prophecy of profound change was accurate, except nobody expected it to arrive in the form of a global crisis like few before it. That wasn’t what we asked for. Where does that leave us?The pandemic forced us to adapt markedly in the short term. Its long-term effects will be even more profound. Much of the transformation happening now has been long overdue. We’re approaching a global turning point. This is our opportunity to finally realise pivotal changes we always knew mattered.It’s time we reach beyond the obvious. The new normal presents a valuable opportunity to question deeper and more pervasively the way things are. When we do, we’ll make evolutionary leaps towards a new and better normal. Humankind doesn’t just survive adversity; it thrives on the necessary adaptation that comes with it. Big changes can become catalysts for a better world. What might that world be like?Signs of the new are already all around us. The transformation we’re amidst will be more meaningful and universal than anything else we’ve experienced in our lifetimes. It’s time we press RESET and start afresh. This is the story of how the 2020s will change modern humanity forever.Let’s rewrite our future together.

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