Digital Recruiting Event bei AZL (RWTH Aachen)

Am 24. Juni 2021 hatte ich das Vergnügen, zusammen mit Herrn Burak Baser, das KyronTex Zukunftsprojekt der Mitsubishi Chemical den Talenten der RWTH-Aachen vorzustellen. Ein spannender Austausch und ebenso interessante Vorstellungen der anderen Partnerunternehmen. Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten!

Das schreibt AZL über dieses Event:
„During a dedicated online recruitment event in the framework of this year’s AZL Annual Partner Meeting, we also took our HR services to a digital format! We have been supporting our Partner Companies for years now with the highly appreciated service to connect them with graduates from the RWTH community for finding the right new members for their teams.
On June 24th, the AZL industry partners could connect and exchange in 1:1 video meetings with PhD graduates and graduates of Master’s and Bachelor’s programs who have been working on composite and lightweight topics for several years.

Dr. Ing. Jochen Pflug, Norbert Müller, Anna Kamionka, MBA, Ingolf Giesgen, Bettina Bohlmann & Baser Burak, Andreas Reimann and Dr. Timo Huber presented EconCore, ENGEL, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, c-m-p gmbh, Roth Composite Machinery GmbH and Hengrui Corporation as potential employers.

Thank you for the lively exchange! We are already keen to see more familiar faces at the AZL Partner Companies’ teams.“

Quelle LinkedIn, zuletzt gesehen 7.7.2021
Foto: AZL

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